Hack yourself before a hacker does!

Hack yourself before a hacker does!

Can you find your weakest link?

Think like a hacker

Cybercrime is rampant. Its annual turnover is already greater than illegal drug market. Can the laws, police, courts and lawyers alone protect from cyber criminals? Obviously cannot.

Why computer criminals can penetrate comprehensive complex security systems and steal sensitive information? Hackers often seem to be smarter than information security specialists and network protection mechanisms.

Then how to withstand cyber criminals? To outrun them, we should think like criminal. Imitation of hacker's tricks effectively helps find the weaknesses and remediate them in timely manner. Such approach helps estimate your current protection, increase your security and prevent cyber attacks.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing (pentesting, "white hat" hacking, ethical hacking) is a technical security assessment.

Pentesting is the best way to test your security. We can emulate cyber-criminal behavior to assess whether an unauthorized access, data leakage, service disruption, physical penetration or other security incidents are possible.

Penetration test is a part of your security. The pentest is a good idea after considerable changes in your systems. The pentest is useful if you have not performed it ever or for a long time.

Penetration testing is not only an automated vulnerability scanning, but mainly manual work. Depending on customer's preferences, a pentest may include manipulations with the personnel of the target object (social engineering).

Please read Frequently Asked Questions about security assessment and penetration testing.

Value for business

  • Realistic security risk assessment. Pentests give practical assessment of your security, unlike speculative assessment in traditional risk analysis. Real security is measured by not what you have, but what you can lose.
  • Dramatic reduction of risks and possible damage after incidents. Pentest project recommendations are not long sets of best practices with uncertain importance and priorities, but remediation measures of specific weaknesses of the particular infrastructure.
  • Your staff is trained and their readiness for security incidents is checked. Such training makes your personnel "to have a smell of powder" that cannot be gained without a pentest.
  • Compliance to standards and security requirements. Many modern security standards and regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, HITECH/HIPAA, ISF SoGP, etc.) require periodic pentests. Moreover, pentest conditions constantly become stricter.

Our mission is helping customers reduce their security risks and ensure security requirements. H-X prevents the problems that could occur due to attacks by hackers (computer criminals), malware, insiders, etc. We are reliable and disciplined professionals.

We do penetration tests using our comprehensive flexible know-how. We use modern security standards, regulations and methodologies: NIST SP800-115 (we recommend to read this standard first if you want to learn more about penetration testing), PCI DSS, OWASP, OSCP, SANS, CWE, OSSTMM3, PTES, CAPEC, EC-Council.

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