What makes us different

The highest qualification, customization and reliability are our main distinctions:

- Experience in information security. Since 2001, we have gained rich information security experience in state sector, industry, pharmacy, telecom, retail, banking, IT outsourcing, etc. Read about our penetration test business cases.
- International security certifications. The specialists of H-X earned and keep up-to-date internationally recognized security certifications (CISSP, CEH, PCIP, CLPTP, etc.). These certifications cannot be obtained without confirmed years of experience and grueling exams passed. The certifications prove high professionalism and do not allow illegal or unethical behavior, otherwise they are immediately revoked.
- Absolute legitimacy. We value our reputation, so refuse projects without written permission of target object owner. The employees of H-X technologies strictly adhere to laws, regulations, corporate Code of Ethics and Penetration Testing Code of Ethics. We are ethical, white-hat hackers. Our legal support takes into account not only our and your rights and interests, but also the legitimate rights and interests of third parties.
- The highest customization and flexibility. We study every customer's needs carefully to prepare to the project. Unlike other companies, our pre-engagement documentation includes comprehensive set of detailed penetration testing parameters. Our approach allows the customer to understand more accurately what they pay for. We have developed and continually improve our methodology during many projects. This is our know-how and our distinction from competitors.
- The highest quality. We use modern comprehensive penetration testing methodologies and tools. Besides automatic scanning, we actually do manual work. We do not claim that automatic vulnerability scanning is a pentest, like others do. At the same time, our prices are not high.


We have wide experience and competence in corporate security, not only in penetration testing:

  • IT Audits and Information Security Audits.
  • Enterprise Risk Management and IT-related Risk Management.
  • Technical Vulnerability Management.
  • Security Event Monitoring and Evidence Preservation.
  • Security Incident Response and Investigations.
  • Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • Personnel Security Awareness and Behavior Management.
  • Managed compliance with ISO, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ITIL, ISF, NIST, COBIT, etc.

You can order any on-demand hourly-based security consulting service. Feel free to send your request.

Our certificates

The certificates can be verified online at the respective certification organizations.

  • (ISC)2: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) — No. 475694.
  • EC Council: Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) — No. ECC61546201568.
  • PCI SSC: Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP) — No. 1001-191.
  • SANS: Security-560. Training course at SANS, USA.
  • PECB: Certified Lead Pen Test Professional (CLPTP) — No. PTLTE1011158-2016-03.
CISSP certificate

CEH certificate

PCIP certificate

SANS Security-560 certificate

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