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Has your website, application or local network ever been hacked?

— Not yet? You think nobody cares about you?

— You are mistaken! Your resources are at least computing capabilities for botnets, miners, spammers and other parasites:

  • Hackers are interested even in your old laptop with Windows XP, even your ancient router with a factory default password, your IP camera with a simple on-board web server or your trivial web application with one data input form.
  • Not to mention your competitors, carders, extortionists and other cyber fraudsters.
  • Why has the annual turnover of cyber criminals already exceeded global drug traffic and continues to grow? Why are information security standards and solutions ineffective?
  • Do you really intend to keep ignoring information security risks blithely and with wishful thinking, falling asleep with hope, but waking up with doubt?


— How to with­stand cy­ber crim­i­nals effec­tive­ly?

— To out­run them, we have to think like them, to feel like them, and as if to become them for a while.

— Mo­del­ing the ac­tions of hack­ers helps to find the securi­ty vulner­a­bil­i­ties and as­sess the risks.

— This ap­proach helps to elimi­nate weak­ness­es, strength­en securi­ty and pre­vent cy­ber at­tacks.

Hack yourself before a hacker does!

Hack yourself before a hacker does!

Can you find your weakest link?



— Are you releasing a new version of your website, mobile or desktop application?

— Migrating a server or publishing a service?

— Have you fired a software developer or system administrator?

— Preparing for an audit, M&A, IPO, ICO?

— You haven’t checked, for a long time, how securely your employees work?

— Not sure that your specialists measure your security correctly and timely?

— You never carried out penetration testing (pentest)? —

You got to the right place at the right time!
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Why exactly penetration testing?

In short, because:

  • you get confidence in the future;
  • you do not need to hold the truth back from your clients and evade auditors anymore;
  • you get a new solid status — successfully passed pentest;
  • in the eternal struggle of good and evil, you are winning a new powerful victory over the world of cyber crime.

Interested? Then dig deeper! Here is the definition:

Penetration testing (pentest, pen-test)  — is a security assessment of IT systems, personnel or the whole organization, using ethical hacking methods ("white hat"). Security experts simulate the behavior of computer criminals to assess whether unauthorized access, leakage of confidential information, interruption of service, physical intrusion, or other security incidents are possible. Pentest is not only an automated vulnerability scan, but mostly manual work. Depending on your preferences, the pentest may include interaction with your staff (social engineering).

Pentest results include the most reliable, specific and effective recommendations for improving security.



  • Realistic security risk assessment. Pentests give a practical assessment of your security, unlike speculative assessment in traditional risk analysis. Real security is measured by not what you have, but what you can lose.
  • Dramatic reduction of risks and possible damage after incidents. Pentest project recommendations are not just long lists of best practices with uncertain importance and priorities, but rather remediation measures of specific weaknesses of the particular infrastructure.
  • Your staff is trained and their readiness for security incidents is checked. Such training makes your personnel ‘to smell powder’, which cannot be gained without a pentest.
  • Compliance to standards and security requirements. Many modern security standards and regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, HITECH/HIPAA, ISF SoGP, etc.) require periodic pentests. Moreover, pentest conditions constantly become stricter.



Our research and development laboratory (R&D lab) has created the Tangible Cyber Security™ concept, which combines the best practices of security management and technical security. It provides convenient and understandable means for assessing and managing the quality of security.

Security assessment is like a health diagnosis.

The basis of the concept is a harmonious combination of international standards for organizational security management with technical security assessment methods.

We use modern standards, norms and security methodologies: NIST SP800-115, PCI DSS, OWASP, Offensive Security, SANS, CWE, OSSTMM, PTES, CAPEC, EC-Council. We also use our own methods, constantly enriched since 2000.

Learn more about why cyber security is cyber health, and which 7 factors, stages, symptoms and situations of cyber diseases of your systems and organizations need special attention.



We are a team of cyber security professionals of the highest level.

We have a wide, deep and unique experience and competence in IT and corporate security. Both in GRC (Governance, Risk management, Compliance), and in technical security. Both in Defensive Security and Offensive Security.

Highest qualification, flexibility and reliability are our main distinctions:

  • Experience in information security
  • International security certificates
  • Absolute legitimacy and confidentiality
  • Highest customization and flexibility
  • Highest quality

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We are the best:

  • Our pentests are at the highest level: reverse engineering, 0-day vulnerability research, Red Team, etc.
  • We participate in and win CTF and bug bounty.
  • We effectively do security analysis of source code and find vulnerabilities and problems that even commercial static security scanners cannot find.
  • We have rare competencies, such as the audit of smart contracts.
  • We teach software architects, developers and testers how to program securely.
  • We have decades of experience in large international corporations.

H-X Cyber Security Expert

— Our mood improves when we make this world safer.

— Our mission is to help customers reduce risks.

— We prevent problems that could occur as a result of attacks by computer criminals, malicious software, insiders, etc.

— We are reliable and disciplined professionals.

We are not just security engineers. We are researchers, developers, teachers, and ‘doctors’ for systems and organizations.

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