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Do you have an IT company, an information security company, a consulting, outsourcing, legal, insurance, auditing, educational, recruiting, headhunting or any other similar company? You may be interested in our Team Extension service. Add cyber security experience to your portfolio and cyber security competence to your offers!

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We invite you to become our partner and offer you a commission referral payment for clients you directed to us. The commission percent depends on the specific project. Thus, you support your friends or customers, and earn at the same time.

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Information security is trendy and perspective. Security work deserves respect, for it brings reliance to our world full of uncertainties.

Interested? Learn more about how to sell security assessment and penetration testing projects. Please read a small intro to the sales of penetration tests below or contact us just now:

Security as an asset and a service

Information and security are intangible assets. Security is invisible when it exists, but the loss is felt when the incident happens. Unfortunately, we often appreciate only what we lose. We admonish our clients to learn not from their own mistakes, but from the mistakes of the others.

It is often hard to assess the benefits of security for a company. What advantages does the security give? How to calculate the expenses for and the profit from security hardware, software and activities? How much is it worth investing into security? Such questions can be answered using risk management, cost-benefit analysis, ROI (Return on Investments), ROSI (Return on Security Investments), TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and TCNO (Total Cost of Not Ownership) assessments, and similar processes. However, not every organization is ready to conduct such assessments and processes correctly. They require correct input data that is difficult to get and maintain.

Penetration testing not only helps to get some of such input data, but is a driver for other security processes because effectively motivates the customer to raise their security maturity level.

Penetration testing, unlike other security services and products, is easier to sell. The project duration is shorter. Deliverables of pentests are obvious, impressive and convincing because we effectively show what the customer can lose right now, not in some indefinite future. To deliver such results, we uncover the most significant security problems, and show them apparently.

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