Cybersecurity Services

We perform information security audits, assessment, implementation, certification, training, monitoring, investigation and recovery for organizations, networks, applications, and websites. Start with our free organizational and technical security assessment of your assets.


How we work and what you get

The workflow of a typical one-time security project (assessment, pen testing, implementation, investigation, recovery or training) is the following:

Confidentiality →
We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and commit to confidentiality.
Clarification →
You answer our questions about the conditions and environment to help us define your requirements and expectations.
Preparation →
We analyze your source data and develop the Statement of Works and the Project plan. For most projects, this stage is performed free-of-charge.
Deal →
We send you a detailed Commercial Offer, including Statement of Works and Project plan. Those documents define all the specific conditions and parameters of the project. After you accept our offer and approve the documents, then we can sign the Service Agreement.
Fieldworks →
We perform security assessment, investigation, recovery, implementation, training or other tasks according to the Statement of Works.
The Project Report describes the findings and outcomes of the project. In addition, we make recommendations and roadmaps for further improvements.
Report Sample

Project Report includes all project deliverables.

The structure of a simple report is described below. Depending on the pentest requirements, conditions, restrictions, and parameters, the report can include additional sections.

  1. Executive summary.
  2. Planning and methodology.
  3. Security assessment results:

Once the project is completed, you can start planning another one. However, subscribing to our Continuous Service is more convenient and provides you with a high level of security due to 24/7 monitoring and upgrading of your security.


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