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/ Cyber security of your websites, applications, networks and organizations. Get a free information security consultation.
What is penetration testing, and why this is the most effective way to ensure the information security of your websites, applications, networks and organizations. Get a free consultation right now!

     /cyber-7 Seven stages, factors and symptoms of cyber diseases.
Cyber security is cyber health. There are stages, factors and symptoms of “diseases” of systems and organizations, similar to diseases of the body. H-X diagnoses “diseases” of systems and organizations just as specialized laboratories diagnose your health.

/about About H-X cyber security team. What makes us different. Competence. Certificates.
Our competences and certificates on security and penetration testing.

/cases Business cases of the completed projects. Our customers and their references.
Case studies of security assessment projects and penetration tests. Logotypes of our clients and their feedbacks.

/services Free and paid cyber security services. Security assessment, implementation, compliance, training and other services.
GRC services: Audits and Implementation of ISO 27001, VDA ISA, TISAX, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.; Remote CISO and Security Team Extension and other services. IT and IT Security Services: Vulnerability Scanning, Pentests; Application Security; Website Protection, Monitoring and Incident Response; Security DevOps Express SOC; Training on Secure Software Development; Software Engineering; Security Analysis of Software Source Code; Development and Audit of Smart Contracts; Forensic Investigations.

     /scan Automated Security Scanning and Monitoring online.
Free of charge automated vulnerability scanning and subscription for daily security monitoring of websites. We also offer different types of paid manual penetration tests and security awareness training.

     /website-SOC Continuous Protection of Websites.
Website Protection, Monitoring and Incident Response services are delivered by our Security Operations Center (SOC). Initial security hardening employs state of the art security solutions and methods for your website. Subsequent round-clock security monitoring is a proper complement to the initial hardening and to one-time security assessment and penetration testing, because their effect for your security becomes out-of-date quickly, unlike constant monitoring.

     /devs H-X Software Engineering and DevOps Team.
Our software development team performs security development and other software development tasks for our customers.

     /appsec H-X Application Security Services: Secure Software Development Lifecycle, Security DevOps, Training and Consulting Services.
Would you like to improve security of your software products, build secure software development processes and manage security during the whole software life cycle? Our expertise both in software development and in information security serves as a solid ground for delivering professional Secure Software Development Lifecycle (Secure SDLC) consulting services.

     /code-review Security Analysis of Source Code.
Get an outstanding level of security with our automated and manual analysis of your source code! You never get such level of assurance with penetration testing, automated code audit or any other security activities. This service can be delivered as a separate project, in combination with white-box penetration testing or as a part of Application Security or Security Assessment services.

     /compliance ISO 27001 and PCI DSS implementation and certification.
ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliance services: audits, gap analysis, development of the implementation plan, certification and maintenance.

          /check-27001 ISO 27001 Compliance Assessment Online Wizard.
Check during 10 minutes to what extent your company complies with ISO 27001 and what is still needed to achieve full compliance.

     /teamext Remote CISO and Cyber Security Team Extension Service. Add cyber security experience to your projects - hire our information security specialists!
You can add our certified security specialists to your team for short or long projects. We have internationally recognized top information security certifications: CISSP, CISA, OSCP, CEH, PCIP and many others. You get experience of IT Audits and Information Security Audits; Managed compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ITIL, ISF, NIST, COBIT, etc.; Application Security (Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) management and Security DevOps of specific software products); Trainings and workshops on Secure Software Development (SDLC, Secure DevOps); Security Operations Center (SOC) Implementation and SOC as a Service, including: technical vulnerability management, security event monitoring, security incident response and investigations, etc.; Enterprise Risk Management and IT-related Risk Management; Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Planning; Personnel Security Awareness and Behavior Management and other IT and information security competences. We can work for you or for your customers on your behalf. You are welcome to use our flexible team extension services!

/news Our news.
News about our services and other events.

     /partnership Partnership with H-X technologies.
Earn with us selling penetration tests and other cyber security services!

     /incidents Cyber security incidents and threats.
News about cyber attacks, breaches, threats, vulnerabilities, exposures, other cyber incidents, and other security industry events.

     /career We are hiring!
We are looking for experienced cyber security practitioners: penetration testers, analysts, compliance managers, etc.

/contact Contact us!
Contact us about your needs on security services, partnership or other questions or suggestions.

/faq FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
What is behind penetration testing, why it is important and how to persuade people.

/policy Privacy and Confidentiality Policy of H-X Technologies.
How we value your privacy and confidentiality.

/map Website map.
List of web pages of this site.

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